Fainting Goat Guild Futurity

The Fainting Goat Guild Futurity is designed to encourage selective breeding to enhance the breed and produce outstanding offspring. It is our hope that the futurity competition will encourage breeders to think ahead toward the preservation of the Fainting Goat breed and to make smart choices within their breeding program in order to produce the finest qualities of this unique breed, while staying true to the breed standards. Breeders will be given the opportunity to exhibit their animals for herd confirmation and structure, while competing for monetary prizes and awards.


Any doe is eligible for the Futurity provided she qualifies under the following:


1.  Open to all Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR) or International Fainting Goat Association (IFGA) registered does.
A copy of the registration papers must accompany the nominee application.

2.  Nominations may only be made by the current owner of the doe, whether bred by the owner or purchased from
another breeder.

3.  Any number of does may be nominated by an owner.

4.  Following initial nomination, any doe sold remains eligible regardless of ownership provided that subsequent yearly
re-nomination payments are made and the Futurity has been notified of transfer of ownership.

5.  Does may be nominated at any time after the breeding date and before the kidding date. When a nominated doe kids, all female offspring are eligible for completion as long as the doe was nominated BEFORE the doeling was born.

6.  Doelings from nominated does are eligible to compete in futurity classes until she has freshened or reaches the age of one day less than 24 months provided that subsequent yearly re-nomination payments are made by the owner of the doe.

7.  If the nomination of the doe is not renewed, causing the doeling (now a yearling) to no longer be eligible to compete in futurity classes, then the owner of the doeling/yearling will be given the opportunity to pay the nomination fee in order to keep the doeling/yearling eligible until she either freshens or reaches the age of one day less than 24 months. If the doeling/yearling is nominated, her doelings will be eligible to compete as long as she kids within that year.

8.  No refunds will be made for any reason. The responsibility of re-nomination rests solely with the current owner.
If the nomination is not continued, previously submitted monies are relinquished by the owner


Location and Date

Futurity classes may be held at any participating show.  Classes should be held after the Sanctioned Classes
(either MGR or IFGA) have been completed. Show coordinators can click here for more information.

Eligibility Verification

1.  Participating Show Coordinators are to have a current Nominee List prior to the start of the show.

2.  Nominee status of all doelings will be checked prior to the goats entering the show ring for competition. Doelings/does not on the current Nominee List may not compete.

The following Futurity classes will be offered:

Jr. Doe: under 3 months
Jr. Doe: 3 to under 6 months
Jr. Doe: 6 to under 9 months
Jr. Doe: 9 to under 12 months
Unfreshened Doe: 12 to under 24 months
District Champion - The winner from each of the classes will compete to be the District Champion


The judging of nominated doelings/does will be conducted in separate age classes at the conclusion of the Sanctioned classes of participating shows. The futurity classes are not part of the sanctioned show. The doe’s birthday or point status will not prevent her from showing in the Futurity classes.


Judges are not asked to anticipate what the doelings/does will look like in the future.  Instead, they are asked to judge the doelings/does based on the quality of their confirmation and structure for their age, while staying within the breed standards and focusing on herd conformation and structure.


The payout will be announced after entries have been received and will be awarded at the completion of the show.

The payout rules for each class are as follows:

# in class  
Class Placing
  1st    2nd    3rd     4th 5th     6th 7th 8th
1 100%              
2 60% 40%            
3 50% 35% 15%          
4 45% 30% 15% 10%        
5 40% 25% 15% 12.5%  7.5%      
6 40% 25% 15% 10%  5%  5%    
7 37.5% 22.5% 15% 10%  5%  5%  5%  
8 35% 20% 15% 10%  5%  5%  5%  5%


District Futurity Champion = $50.00


The Over-All Futurity Champion for the year will be based on premiums earned throughout the year and will be announced after the final Futurity Classes at the last participating show of the year.


Fees (effective January 1, 2011): $10.00 nomination fee per doe, class fees will be $10.00 per class 

Send all nomination applications and fees to: Sue Johnson, 8301 Stagecoach Lane, Mojave, CA 93501


If you would like to hold Futurity classes at your show, please contact Sue Johnson (sue@ancientvalleyranch.com) today!

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