Winter & Spring Kidding at Triple-T Ranch is Almost Here!
Babies in a Basket

There is still time to get on the waiting list!
To be put on our Waiting List or to Reserve a kid for our 2011/2012 season,
please Email us or submit a request via our Contact Us page.

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Shay &  Brooks


Buffalo Bill



Customers who Reserve kids, or who are on our Waiting List, receive first choice.  Once they have made their selections, kids are offered for sale on a first come, first serve basis. To be put on our Waiting List or to Reserve a kid for our Winter 2011/Spring 2012 season, please Email us or submit a request via our Contact Us page. To learn more about Reserving a kid or getting on our Waiting List, please see or Breeding Schedule page.

We reserve the right of 1st choice to retain any of our kids for our own herd and we also reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.

Please see our Breeding Schedule page to see who's due when!

General Pricing:

100% Myotonic Goats
(pricing varies depending on quality, conformation, coat color and pattern,
eye color, and whether horned or polled)

Doelings/Does - $300-$450+
Bucklings/Bucks - $300-$450+
Wethers (castrated bucks) - $150 - $200+

Goats are herd animals and prefer not to be alone.  In an effort to keep our kids from being lonely,
we offer a discount when you purchase more than one goat.

If you would like to Reserve a kid from Triple-T Ranch, please Email us. When our next kidding season commences, and you make a commitment to purchase one of our kids, we will send you the sales contract via Email. An initial payment of 50% of the purchase price per goat is required upon commitment to purchase.  Payment must be received within 7 days of verbal commitment.  If purchasing an unweaned kid, Triple-T Ranch will retain the kid until weaned (between 8 – 10 weeks of age).  The balance due must be paid 10 days prior to pick-up or 15 days prior to shipping if paying by check or money order.  If paying at the time of pick-up, balance due must be paid in cash.

Once you make a commitment to purchase, the goat is no longer available to other buyers, and therefore, it is at this point that your deposit becomes nonrefundable (unless other arrangements have been made).  Goats not picked up within 30 days of scheduled pick-up date (without having made prior arrangements) will revert back to being the property of Triple-T Ranch and any monies paid are retained to cover boarding fees and loss of marketability.

It is the goal of Triple-T Ranch to preserve the unique and wonderful Myotonic goat and we’re concerned for the well-being and humane treatment of the breed.  Therefore, we reserve the right to withdraw from the sale of any animal at any time for any reason.  In the event that Triple-T Ranch chooses to exercise this right, any funds paid to Triple-T Ranch in relation to this specific transaction will be refunded.

All kids will receive vaccinations, worming, and hoof trimming prior to being transported to their new homes.

We will deliver locally (Ramona, CA) free of charge.  We are also willing to discuss the possibility of transporting the goats for a fee based on distance traveled plus gas (roundtrip) depending on location. We will be more than happy to ship goats anywhere in the U.S.  If the goat(s) are being shipped, the buyer is responsible for the cost of the shipping carrier, airfare, vet check, health certificate, and transport to the airport.  We will gladly make the flight arrangements while working closely with you.  Please contact us for shipping details. If you will be picking up your kid (after weaning), our sales contract provides information on the necessary confinement to ensure the safety of the goat during transportation.

We encourage our customers to register their goats.  It is inexpensive and helps to preserve the bloodlines of this rare and wonderful breed of goat.  All kids will be sent home with a registration package with the necessary breeder information completed. Your kid's pedigree will also be included in your package.

We will gladly answer any questions that you may have.
Please Email us or submit a request via our Contact Us page.

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