Our Staff

Here's a look at our LGDs (Livestock Guardian Dogs). They may not look as big and impressive as other LGDs, but they do their jobs well. They love people, but will not stand for coyotes on their property. Our chicken, Meme, is thankful for them as they saved her from the clutches of a coyote just this past Fall. She lost a few feathers, but she got away with her life thanks to our dogs' extreme dislike for coyotes. All of our dogs are rescued from shelters.

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Camilla (Cammie)
Shephard/Lab Cross

Doberman/Shepard Cross

Rest in Peace my Friend (2001 - 2010)
Border Collie Cross
Sheltie/Corgi Cross
Pepper is a FGD (Family Guardian Dog). However, she does a very fine job at supervising the big dogs.
She's very bossy.
Working hard
Get up you lazy bum!
We have work to do!

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