Witch Creek Wild Fire- October 21, 2007
Here comes trouble!
On final approach
The back of Triple-T is burning

Too close for comfort
It's heading for the goat pens!
We're not escaping this one!

It's coming up the back and
going around the house. All the firemen can do is watch.

The firemen have moved on to "higher priorities". Time to suit up and fight before everything is gone.

Winds and fire threaten the house. Winds, at times, were gusting to over 100 mph!

The fire continued to burn on
Triple-T Ranch for days.

Our remaining structures were saved with shovels and very little water since there was no electricity to run the well pump and then the pump was destroyed with
the well house.

We were without water for a week and without electricity for 5 weeks.

Night time appoaches and
we're still burning
There goes the pump and well house!

The Aftermath of the Witch Creek Fire

Triple-T continued to smolder
for a week
Only metal objects survived
No need to weed whack for awhile

What's left of a tack/feed shed

Remains of the well house and pump
Everything is so grey and without color
Rodeo buried in brush 2 hours
before the fire

The same spot after the fire and some very brave ash covered goats
(who lived in the back of a
pick-up truck for 3 days)
So much for all the good foraging food!

Not a single animal was lost in the fire even though we were not able to evacuate them all. My special thanks to my husband, my father, the Julian forestry woman, and our neighbors for helping to save our home and our animals from the Witch Creek Wild Fire. God Bless you all!

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